About Us
Our Philosophy
Axis Management was established specifically to address the needs of property owners while achieving bottom line financial results. AMT believes a successful business park/homeowners association partnership requires a direct line of communication between the property manager, association members and the board of directors. This type of communication insures that issues and concerns will be handled accurately and in a timely manner. Our philosophy is simple: quality, service, performance, integrity, and satisfaction is guaranteed.
Our Objective

Axis Management's main objective is to be sure all homeowners enjoy living in the communities we manage. Therefore, we strive to maintain personal involvement in the care of the assets entrusted to us. This includes close supervision of subcontractors hired to care for the property as well as regular inspections of the property to make sure work is being completed to the expectations of the Board and association members. In addition, we handle all covenant non-compliance issues, collect dues, pay bills, maintain proper financial records and reports, solicit bids for maintenance, submit an annual operating budget for member approval and assist in conducting annual meetings. Various communications will be sent to all members within the business park in order to keep everyone informed and to help build a sense of community.

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